Movement can convey what words cannot.


This looks like Uyuni. =]


A place for men in a “woman’s issue”

Trafficking seems to be regulated to the realm of women and select activists. It’s not considered hard politics, sidelined by other issues like the economy and more serious heavy weights of war and peace. In the general social fabric, most will see trafficking as wrong, “there are other issues that need attention and money to NGO’s and other non profits will ease the conscience and my part in the fight is now done”  mentality. Let the women and these organizations take care of the rest.

The assumption that this is not as weighty or as important is wrong. You destroy the lives of future generations, you have no future. You take away the childhood of a potential citizen of your country, you are left with damaged and fearful economies based on the exploitation of others. This day in age, slavery is RAMPANT. There are more slaves today than existed over a 100 years ago. And the shocking bit? Totally preventable. Yes, it takes the work of NGO’s and governments and policies and so much more.

But what is MOST important is a change in the paradigm.

Men, and those who USE children and women for their own pleasure. These are the people who can END THIS. By simply saying no. By acknowledging the horror of exploiting a child and never being on the demand side of sex slavery. By passing that knowledge and restraint to future generations.

This is not a time to sit on sidelines. Inform yourself on what is happening. Look closely at what you’re doing and how you are acting. What you say and do affect perceptions and ultimately create what is “acceptable” or not. Do not make the mistake of throwing your vote for slavery by your apathy. Be a man.

Wrote a little piece for an amazing organization called Stop Child Trafficking Now that is doing so much for children caught in the world of trafficking. They are on the war path to end the demand. Take a leaf from their book.

*side note. This is not bitterness. Just saddened but also determined. I hope in reading this something stirs. Not anger, but a call to something better.

where the hell is janahlee?


but i wish i were THERE!

Remember Where the Hell is Matt?
Well he was recently in NYC and my friend and i got to dance with him! Look me up in his upcoming video. Here’s a picture of him dancing with us =]

Wanderlust anyone?

from the same files as the turducken….

Looking up breakfast ideas that will feed an onslaught of boys that will be coming to the house, i came across this little gem.

We now have…. bacon wrapped eggs. *collective gasp



brave new world… flipped

Google+ came out a couple days ago and while it is really nice and schnazy (seriously check out the hangout feature!) I feel technological overload.

You know those movies about robots taking over the earth or machines becoming planet destroyers, abusing the natural resources to depletion then flinging off to the far reaches of the galaxy only to find Earth and continue on their path of destruction? Yeah, may be far fetched, but at the pace of technology these days, who knows?!

That may be the reason why when I stumbled across these art pieces I stopped and stared and goggled and ahhhed. 

Behold the typewriter. In art form!

What’s next in retro-fitting art forms? Carbon paper architecture? Etch-a-Sketch computer monitors?

two feet, two wheels

i guess there’s a bit of a theme going on with getting up off the chair. Summer is upon us! Why are you sitting in a chair indoors longer than absolutely necessary??

NYC is AWASH with cyclists going EVERY sort of way, which i guess is what spurred the crazy videos popping up.

one of my dear friends sent me this! hell hath no fury like a cyclist not given a lane.

another one:

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

And all this ordered chaos reminds me of my beloved China, where you rode with “feeling” above traffic laws or rules of motion. A more organic form of transportation.



well that settles it. breaking out my bike tomorrow. =]


Found while browsing the awesome site: Escapethecity


Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Another reason to scratch the traveling itch

Bless me Father for I have sinned. It’s been 3 weeks since my last trip…and I’m already trying to find a way to get back out there again.

Bogotá just made my WORLD, being in a city that sprawled generously over rolling hills and into valleys. Everything, from the buildings, to the fruit, to the people, were awash in color and it just made my heart swell to be in the thick of it all.

But the itch is still there… especially after my good friend Jean sent me these beautiful videos that sent me in a whirlpool of couchsurfing searches and frantic thoughts of one way flights to nowhere in particular.

More videos from other cities. but the Paris one is my fave.

so who else has wanderlust?

Mubarak is out! What now?

Celebration in Tahrir! And seriously across the Arab world (and African continent). So what now? What does this mean for the rest of the world? For my fellow Americans, what does this mean for us?

Foreign Policy’s Top 10 Reasons why Americans Should Care About the Egyptian Revolution gives some of the most prescient comments I’ve seen.

One of the best reasons:

Reason 9. Learning the Right Lessons
Because the final chapters have not been written yet, we really have no idea what lessons to draw from this experience. But we are going to want to draw some eventually, and that requires us to pay attention while it’s happening. Here’s one tentative lesson: Democracy promotion in the Arab world (and in lots of other places) is better achieved FROM THE BOTTOM UP, and via indirect political means, than at the point of a rifle barrel (as in Iraq). If that lesson holds up, we ought to carve it in marble at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the American Enterprise Institute.

“He will leave, cuz we wont leave.” – Egpytian redemption song?

Mubarak dies & meets Nasser and Sadat in

Mubarak dies & meets Nasser and Sadat in the afterlife. They ask him, “Poison or parade?”
Mubarak shrugs & answers: “Facebook.”- Cairo joke