I stand with Trayvon Martin

by globetrekkerloo

Trayvon Martin was murdered. But he’s not the only one who has died. Countless young black men have died, a whole community still denied recognition and rights not in words but in deeds. And response to Trayvon’s death is a public outcry that something is horribly wrong still with the way race is thought about and dealt with in America. People should not still be DYING because of this. And the least we can do is address these issues that are out there. Like the fact that a white man killed a black boy. Like the uneasiness of the black community to accept that the white man was acting in self defense. Like the police response in believing Zimmerman. Like racial profiling. Prejudices. history. you cannot merely sympathize!

Read this commentary on the case by bob bixby, a pastor trying to grapple with the issues of the case and what it means to him as a Christian and what he thinks it means for the christian community.

The plight of the black man is definitely getting better in this country. We have a black Attorney General. We have a black president. But the reality stands that blacks are still a minority and black men know that their whole destiny could be determined by the snap, adrenalin-fueled decision of a white man and protected by the knee-jerk analyses of men who have never had their sinful racism rooted from the deep of their hearts. Civil liberties do not change instincts. And black men know (as we all do) that when instincts take over, the real person steps forward.

It’s not just sympathize with the Martin family. It’s a call to stand. To stand with his family and the entire black community. To stand and demand justice. To continue to stand until its given.