We are the very confused

by globetrekkerloo

Life never really gives it to you straight. I registered for the Foreign Service Officer Exam just to see what would happen. As soon as I leave the test, I’m swept away by the throngs of the angry and fed-up on the already crowded streets of Wall St. Went from one moment wanting to be in the government to criticizing it in the next. ah well.

But as I tried to maneuver my way through the crowd, I heard SO many different messages. Wall St is to blame, healthcare is to blame, i’ve lost my house, i have no job, my children will have no future, cut work tomorrow and join us, give peace a chance… After a while I stood still somewhere and tried to ask what was going on. All I got was a list of grievances.

So I went in search of a reason.

Jon Stewart offered one: Why does Wall St. hate Obama?

But the most intriguing explanation and the one I can relate to the most, has come from Bob Greene, a CNN contributor. One of my friends had this link up and I would like to share this with you too: Helpless, as the world gambles your money away.

The prayer excerpted from the article:
“Lord, help them to comprehend the global repercussions of some poor decisions, and the irreversibility of some tragic consequences. Quicken their ears to hear, their eyes to see, their hearts to believe and their wills to obey you. Before it is too late.”