Tom & Toon, Divine appointments, and a piano (bar)

by globetrekkerloo

I’m a night person everywhere BUT new york city. The venn diagram of no money and distance create a shared area of staying at home most nights with the fam and a good book. Not a bad thing, but whenever I am out late it’s a night to remember. Last night, was no exception.

The 2 for 1 broadway show special brought me, my two sisters and my mom out. The littlest one and my mom were slated to see Wicked (lucky!) and my other sis and I were planning on just hanging out somewhere or watching a movie until they got out. We really were going to go to a place called blue chili, but seeing as it didn’t exist, we saw a place called Tom & Toon and went there instead. It was Thai food too, but there was a guy at the piano right there in the window. Suckers for being karaok-ed and dined, we went in.

MAN. Atmosphere was really nice and clean and when we got our food…. Real coconut in the Tom Kha, duck was really juicy, pad thai didnt mush like other places, and the FROG LEGS ARE TO DIE FOR.

The best frog legs. Ever.


While we’re wolfing down this amazing meal, Toon the owner comes over and has a little chat with us. Two minutes later, we’re sharing pictures of family members, and planning a date to do karaoke. Woman became family! And then when mom and sis went off to see Wicked, Janie and I stayed behind, thinking about what we were going to do with the 2.5 hours we had to wait.

Cue the piano guy playing Disney songs. Love at first Little Mermaid.

janie and jordan


Two seconds later, Janie is singing A Whole New World duet with Collins at the bar and so begins a whole night of music and mayhem at Tom & Toon. 

collins and jordan


The wait staff are giving impromptu songs, one guy is an opera singer and graced us with his AWESOME rendition of old-time show tunes,


Toon gives us a haunting interpretation of a popular Thai song, more friends stop by to sing some route 66, and the night ends with a hearty Seasons of Love done in full choir-style by everyone present. =]

 Divine Appointments. It’s best that you keep them. You never know how they might turn out.