Mubarak is out! What now?

by globetrekkerloo

Celebration in Tahrir! And seriously across the Arab world (and African continent). So what now? What does this mean for the rest of the world? For my fellow Americans, what does this mean for us?

Foreign Policy’s Top 10 Reasons why Americans Should Care About the Egyptian Revolution gives some of the most prescient comments I’ve seen.

One of the best reasons:

Reason 9. Learning the Right Lessons
Because the final chapters have not been written yet, we really have no idea what lessons to draw from this experience. But we are going to want to draw some eventually, and that requires us to pay attention while it’s happening. Here’s one tentative lesson: Democracy promotion in the Arab world (and in lots of other places) is better achieved FROM THE BOTTOM UP, and via indirect political means, than at the point of a rifle barrel (as in Iraq). If that lesson holds up, we ought to carve it in marble at the Pentagon, the State Department, and the American Enterprise Institute.

“He will leave, cuz we wont leave.” – Egpytian redemption song?