Good Hair Day?

by globetrekkerloo

“WOW girl, your hair looks GREAT today!”

Yeah, I was about to tell you on Sunday, but your hair looked really nice.”

Your hair is so shiny! It looks so beautiful!”

Thanks! Don’t tell anyone, but all I did was comb it and blow-dry. Guess I look like crap all the rest of the days? Well-known fact: The ‘Effortless beauty’ look? Not so effort-less. The extra time I would’ve spent combing and fixing the hair is more time I could’ve spent sleeping or reading or just general lounging about. I’ll take the extra 10 minutes thank you very much. If there were a way for my hair to just magically dry into shiny perfect hair….Le sigh. Back to buns and braids.










I’m really tempted to say something about the force…