tailgates and traffick(ing)

by globetrekkerloo

Super Bowl’s here!

Now, whether you’re watching the game for the football, the commercials or because its what the majority demanded of the tv, you’ve at least seen the hype surrounding it. I personally didn’t watch or understand the rules until about a year ago. (So sue me, i’m a fútbol fan.) But I always enjoyed the same pumped up spirit, the craziness of the fans, and the tailgate parties. =] You can’t argue with chips, beer and wings!



Sidenote: Candlelight wings in Scarsdale? Some of the best. Try the chernobyl ones. Though I warn you now, you might want to bring gloves. Or a jug of milk. Waffle fries are great too. =]


And they’ve just recently added a whole new section for take out, so now’s the best time to go! Grab some for the game!




All that’s good and fun, but there’s a stain on what would normally be just fun and healthy competition:

“The Super Bowl is the greatest show on Earth, but it also has an ugly underbelly,” [Texas Attorney General ] Abbott says. “It’s commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

Yeah, not so fun now. According to child outreach professionals, past Super Bowls have been over run with pimps exploiting young girls and children hoping to profit from the influx of people. A surge of young girls showed up on the streets of Miami the week before the last Super Bowl says a group called Kristi House, a child advocacy organization in Miami who spearheaded the campaign to combat trafficking of children during the game.

So what’s going to happen? A group called Traffic 911 and a coalition of other organizations have put together a campaign in Texas to address the issue of child trafficking during the Super Bowl, training people to recognize signs of exploitation and to alert law enforcement when they do see it.

taken from traffic 911 campaign











Read more about it on abc news. There’s a video with Diane Sawyer too.

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Gol! I mean, touchdown!