Colombia, mi corazón

by globetrekkerloo

I’m back from Colombia and in one piece! (Though I DO have some unexplained bruises on my stomach and shin… but no worse for the wear) Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, and calls to the National Guard that kept me from danger and boredom. Could not have asked for a more fruitful and uplifting journey than that last 5 days.


  1. EdithThe whole reason I came down in the first place is because of this woman. Among the first of many amazing people I met when I first came to Kunming, she quickly became one of the closest, and that is not a small feat in my world. About two days into knowing her, she was already in my apartment singing, dancing, talking, teaching, sharing her way into my life as she does best to those who spend more than 5 minutes with her. I wish I could show you a clip I had clandestinely taken of her singing and praising to the song “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever” in spanish at the top of her lungs, with arms outstretched and in total abandon. But she’d probably kill me. Don’t let looks deceive, she’ll FIGHT for what she thinks is right. I appreciate her for showing me to value beauty not just as a thing that is aesthetically pleasing but WORTH SOMETHING. Lovely.
  2. Her Wedding. You think I’d miss this? Introducing Charles Thompson, her principe, and now her husband. Didn’t really know him, but from the stories I heard from her and then seeing them together with my own eyes, I knew only God could’ve orchestrated their relationship. I’m excited to see where He’ll take them and the work that will happen! Pictures can be found HERE.

3. New Family and Friends! It’s actually incredible how I met and got to know people while in Bogota. Edith’s family… I have adopted as my own. =] Each person colored my world with a splash of goodness: from her mom who taught me how to cook arepas and loved me even when they cracked (she laughed at me quite a bit too. soo cute!) 
…to Paula & Paola who shared their dreams and giggles with me. 



Isnt she pretty? =] Hermosa!





Y paula tambien. Bellas las dos =]




After the wedding, my favorite part was hanging out with the family in the sewing room and learning horrible spanish words like

“pai la” – “‘wow, you gotta stop while you’re ahead’….. or, ‘oO yeah, not so much.’

“cachupe”- smelliest person alive, NASTY smelly word =]

“como sea!” – regardless!

…and there were so much more but they were lost amidst all the laughing, jokes, and stories by edith’s brother, sister, mom and aunt =] im in love with colombia!

And also meeting with my new friends from the States and Canadia! Had a blast rummaging around the markets of Bogota and attracting everyone on the road because we made such an odd group. Thanks Liana, Nathan, Keller and Dave for being so friendly and awesome!

It was so hard to break away from Bogota. Yes, it was crazy, yes it felt a little scary at times, yes the coffee is amazing, but really what makes a place is the people right? And Bogota had MANY reasons why I’d want to go back.

oh and the sun. GAH. literally warms the heart just thinking of it.