ICA/Huacachina- Desert Aventuras

by globetrekkerloo

Welcome to the tourist route! But with good reason: So much fun! Adventures galore for those without high blood pressure and a serious addiction to adrenaline.

Got on a bus early morning to Ica, known for beaches, Islas Ballestas (much like Galapagos Islands. you can catalogue species to your heart’s delight.) and through the generosity of a woman on the side of the road, made it to the little area of Huacachina. Headed over to the Hospedaje del Barco, where we immediately booked tours to get drunk and go driving! (just kidding! wine tasting and sandbuggying =])

Pisco Wine pretty much vodka slapped with the wine label. just ask brandi. but totally awesome straight up or mixed for the pisco sour. =]

Tip#1: How you can tell a good pisco from a bad one? Shake it for a couple seconds. If the alcohol funnels like a tornado and disappears quickly, you’ve got some quality pisco in your hand. If not, dont even bother putting mouth to bottle.

Tip#2: There are two ways of making pisco; one from clay pots and another through stainless steel. The best piscos are made from old clay pots. (my opinion only!) Tis the old way of doing it.

Tip#3: Go to Pisco at the end of Feb/beginning of March. They have the annual Wine Festival where they crown Miss Pisco and have her stomp grapes with all the pretty girls of the area. They also have a contest for the tourists… the girl who can drink the most and still be able to stand straight, wins the title. All proceed to stomp on grapes anyway, making it a grand ole time in the merry land of Pisco.

Sandbuggying/Sandboarding- Scene: a rolling desert paradise. Ride: Glorified go-kart on steroids. Equipment: sunglasses and modified snowboard. Attitude: Total Adventure

Tip#1: Wear big sunglasses and clothes you wont mind having sand in for days. The sand will get EVERYWHERE. Shorts are good.

Tip#2: Pick the board with the smoothest surface. You will go far.

Tip#3: Lie on your belly and go down. Dont try and be cool and stand on your feet. No speed that way, and you might break your neck.

Tip#4: Go right before sunset. That way at the end of bodacious surfing you are doubly rewarded by seeing the sun set over hills of perfect sand. =]

All in all, a PERFECT day!