by globetrekkerloo

The time spent in Lima can be summed up in three words: wine, women and song.

Wine- the enormous amounts of food consumed over a period of three days. Pardos chicken with ahi, ceviche with camote, chica morada, choclo, chirimoya, papa a la huancaina, lucuma, ALFAJORES! ….man the list goes on.

Women- Auntie Mimi, Auntie Lili, Bita. wow, such great women. One for opening her house, one her heart, another her stories. all beautiful.

Song- just the music and crazy harmony of city in poverty and wealth, art, music, theatre, surfers and salesman, just a city full of endless contradictions.

Memorable quotes from Bita:

“El mono que veste en sedo, todavia es mono.”A monkey who dresses in silk, is still just a monkey. [said while dressing up for a party.]

“Que estas pensando Bita?”- What are you thinking of Bita?

“En los huevos del gallo.”- In rooster’s eggs. [said after i caught her daydreaming]

“Soy una tumba”– I’m a tomb. [said after a heart to heart filled with secrets]