Peru… mi otra tierra

by globetrekkerloo

I´ll tell you about tickets another day. It was a fight to get out of Cartagena, but we did! Blessed.

We arrived in Lima, Peru at 2am and went directly to HQ Villa, a great hostel in Miraflores, the nicer part of Lima (though now I know there are just SO many nice parts of Lima) and all for the grand total of 13.50 for the both of us. SWEET. Woke up a couple hours later to breakfast and snoring Canadians (the only drawback to dorm rooms is that you get no privacy. no matter!) A shower, swing on the hammock, a little bit of research and we were off to Barranca!

Now here starts the encounters with our trip´s angels. A lady on the bus helped direct us where to go, since we stepped off the bus with nothing but a recommendation of a hostel and to eat chinese food. The best “chifa” (chinese restaurant) place we’ve encountered in Peru was in Barranca. So good! And maybe because looked halfstarved and desperate, our first angel, Pilar, came to our rescue. The waitress at the chifa place, she took time out to show us to a hostel she knew, walking us all the way there, helping us choose a safe one, and only when she was sure we found a place did she finally leave our side to go back to work. In good hands.