Cartagena.. and a dedication to la maravillosa Edith! =)

by globetrekkerloo

Cartagena. a tourist city and city of lights that if you´re not careful trick you into an age of colonial Spanish might complete with romantic escapes.

that is not entirely the city or experience we´ve had.  and all because of Edith.

I met Edith in Kunming on one of my very first days there and she has since become someone who is very close and who I admire so much. A crazy Colombiana in China, she made me feel welcome in China and coming to Cartagena, translated that same warmness to both me and Brandi. Getting to spend time with her in the city she talked so much about and that held so many special memories, meeting the people who influenced her life, hearing how her life has been since we last met… all that just made Cartagena not just another place on the map, but a place we cultivated friendship (Amistad).

Gushiness aside, Cartagena itself is beautiful! Usually a place for honeymooners (just look at the pictures… you’ll see why) it is also just a great place to walk around and enjoy good food and great people. Brandi and I had fun walking places, taking motorbikes, getting street food, experimenting with fruits… omg, the MARACUYAAAAAAA! and LIMONADA DE COCO!!

more on Cartagena later… next up, BOCACHICA=)

drinking limonada de coco... and showing its inevitable side effects. =)