by globetrekkerloo

One of the last days in Panama, we took a trek out to the countryside, about 2 hours away from Panama City. Deisy took us on a 0.25 bus to the center of Chorrera, after which we hopped on a bus out to Penonome. An hour bus ride cost us $4! Man, i wish prices were like that everywhere.

When we got there, Gaby’s cousin Rodrigo picked us up and brought us to his beautiful home in the countryside. I’m not kidding, this house was gorgeous… we came in through a driveway-road that led into the area where the house was, surrounded by trees as big and as old as time itself. Birds of all kids surrounded the porch, and on the grounds he had roosters, bred for cock fighting (sorry guys, we didnt get to see a fight. but they were pretty impressive!)

We got to swim in a river also alongside his property where brandi and i relived our childhood days and got to swimming. I think I’m getting addicted to swimming from doing it so often here. Anyone want to join me when i get back? Especially rivers and freshwaters.

Meals were kingly and we ate accordingly. Carimañolas. something that was for breakfast but that I will never forget!

The morning after, we went to go see his horse farm. Rodrigo and his family are famous in the area for roping cattle and participating in competitions for roping. You could see the love his family has for horses displayed all over the house and all over the farm. Beautiful spanish horses and strong quarter horses and a long history and respect for them.

After the farm, his mom graciously drove us home and before you knew it we were on a plane to Cartagena! Sad to be away from Gaby and her family, but looking forward to the road ahead and eventually to seeing them again at the end of our trip.

HUGE THANK YOUS to gaby, the castillo-barria family, deisy, mary, rodrigo and his family, and everyone who helped us so much and made our time in Panama so amazing! We love you!