Panama y Panamenios

by globetrekkerloo

First day out and we’re climbing the mountain to the flag that flies over Panama City, Cerra Ancon. Reminded me a lot of mountains in China, except I could see the sea out on each side. At one point, all three of us (Gaby, Brandi and I) stood at the spot where you could see Panama, North America and South America!

By far the prettiest sight? Mi linda gaby and her hermosa familia. Maybe its a cultural thing, maybe its a Jesus thing, maybe its a castillo-barria thing, but they’ve definitely got the ven diagram, best of both worlds in terms of love and transmitting that to everyone around them. Gaby adores her younger brother and sister, especially Isabella, the youngest of the family. She’s become our little mei-mei too! Last night, while listening to songs and stories about their expansive network of cousins, both blood related and otherwise, she grabs our hands and proclaims she’ll paint them beautiful colors. As we speak, brandi now sports hot pink nails and I, eggplant purple =]

brandi pointing south, me pointing north, and gaby content right at home!