6 months…

by globetrekkerloo

It has been just about 6 months since China… and I can’t begin to tell you all that has happened to me. In that time, I have seen a friend get married, seen many more engaged to be married, been through the ache of my grandmother dying, congratulating several new mothers, acclimating one day at a time to life back in the states, and threading strands again with friends and family. But stories are always best in the telling…and I believe over a cup of tea. Best leave those to meet ups =]

On another note, I am on the move again! This time, my feet are taking me to Central and South America. To what end? To see friends, to see family, to see possible next steps. I’ll try as much as possible to keep you informed of where I am, what I’m doing, what is going on where I am. I will keeping you in my thoughts. Please keep me in yours.

saying goodbye to one and going to the roots of the other